Sleep schedule fucked as usual. Mostly excitement for moving into the new place, still in Carroll county, unfortunately. Got a 2BR for me + Greg(One room for a workshop). They don't allow cats, so we have to sneak our pets in, but it's literally the only place within 2 hours of school we can afford outside of the ghettos. Fuck Maryland, shit is pricey. Went to the goodwill today, excellent pieces of solid furniture there.. plan to pick up a few tables this week and take the power sander to them and give them all a nice uniform stain and maybe a bartop finish. Justin offered me his couch, but it's pretty old and squishy so I'm going to grab one from the goodwill for $50 or something. Have to buy a few area rugs and photo frames to frame some artwork and the living room should be set? Everything else takes care of itself with what we have. I'm pretty terrible at interior decorating so hopefully it turns out okay. Will probably throw a housewarming party for anyone that feels like dropping by.

Signing the lease on the 10th, moving the bedroom on the 12th+13th, and I'm moving the workshop probably on the 14th+15th. Gonna probably have to replace the living room carpet because someone who wasn't me(for reals) spilled a ton of resin into it in a spot. So I can repair the carpet(but I don't think they have any left over scraps of this.. dingy.. gray.. colour, or just throw $200 at them to replace it. IDK. Maybe I'll repair it. It was pretty gross to begin with but I'll get it done. Moving the workshop is going to be a hassle- mostly the huge rolls of foam lingering in the attic. Gotta get all the shit I'm NOT going to keep and sell it really fast to get it out of my hair and give me some decorating money.

In other news, only 2 things left to do before my 'small projects' list is completely cleared out, make Ket's pants and Siberius's pawpads. I'll get them knocked out tonight, and start packing up everything else up. Still a few things need to be shipped out, shouldn't be a problem and will take care of all of that on monday. Still going to be a TON to move. Jesus. Going to try and finish up most of(if not all) Shadowkeeper before I leave, make him the last suit made in the house.

What else, hmm. I'll be making an IKEA run in the near future, obviously. Cheapest dishes on the planet that don't totally suck. I have a furnishing budget of $200 XD I could probably do the whole place with that from IKEA, lol. Just have to get a head check on how much large furniture I need, which will all likely come from goodwill. All the small stuff we'll be getting from IKEA.

On the plus side, the chickens get to stay here


Still looking for a new place

Unfortunately nothing seems to be in our budget in the ever-expanding metropolitan area. The closest places we've found that are affordable are in Hagerstown, which is a nice enough place I suppose, but way too far from school or work to be worth considering.

If Greg gets that job with amazon, everything will be much easier, we can just move to a place in Northern VA, I can do my old commute to school, finish my degree without having to sacrifice every little thing to make our shit work.. ugh I really hope he gets it.

If not, we're stuck in Maryland until I can finish my degree, but having a 2 hour commute to school makes that an impossibility. I could pick up a second job(again) but ugh, fuck it. We'll wait and see.

Getting so fed up with work

All the joy has gone out of making costumes. I'm inundated with people who have no concept of what a commission entails, entitled fuckwipes, the pickiest people who ruin otherwise fantastic looking stuff with "WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE". It's not even art anymore, it's just stupid shit I hate making for people. I'm hoping when I get to making this griffon and this skaven my mood will change because I miss making monsters an awful lot.

I really don't want to be stuck doing this forever. I've gotta get some real revenue so I can finish my degree and work in a hospital. Even nursing would be better than this.

No scale, so..

44 1/2 hips

Starting my excersize regime today since we're now diurnal again. Going to be jogging one mile a day, and we'll check back in on the 8th :)


I cooked something today(Masala meatballs, since i didn't have chicken to do tikki), and after I left the room and came back a little while later, the kitchen smells the way my grandmother's kitchen used to when I would go up to visit.

I made myself sad :(

LOL, oh ONTDpolitical.

I think it's a sad state of the times when people get more up in arms because Santorum almost says 'nigger', instead of getting upset over his RADICALLY CRAZY BATSHIT LEGISLATIVE IDEAS.

Santorum: "Contraception is against the will of god. If you elect me, not only will I rid the country of the DEMON condom, but I will turn a republic into a theocracy, ruled by a religious figurehead!"
Masses: *yawn* okay yeah whatever crazy guy, he'll never get any support.
Santorum: "... a government nigg- ...uhhhhh"

Okay I get that it's a horrible thing to call someone, and nobody in polite company would do so, BUT when you get MORE pissed off about a fucking WORD than pissed off about SUBSTANCE.. well that's why America is such a shithole today. I'm really just totally godsmacked that people WERENT angry at his ludicrous ideas of how to run the nation- WHY ARENT YOU GETTING PISSED OFF THAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE BEING NOMINATED!?!?!?! YOU ARE NOT BEING REPRESENTED YOU DIPSHITS. Lots of mainstream brainwashing into bullshit political correctness being more important than well.. just about everything else.

holy christ an update

hello internet friends

i went to chicago w/ greg for a few days, met his crazy cat lady mom who had a million adorable kitties(Okay, eleven), got to see the mag mile, eat at unos and have an original chicago style pizza(Their dogs are crap don't listen to them! DC DOGS FOREVER). Went to the planetarium, which was super cool. We saw a presentation about the birth of stars by Whoopi Goldberg(woo hoo!). Then came home and saw the new face off with levar burton <3 this is my childhood week. We had to take the bus up because we missed the train, but we got to take the train home. I can't say I understand the appeal of the train over the bus(At least I could sleep on the bus! It's impossible to get comfortable on the train X.X).

Anyways, work is tough right now. Ass deep in commissions- which is GREAT! And all my commissioners are super cool folks with really creative ideas of what they want, but right now I'm in that 'flit from one thing to another' mode, and its impossible to sit down and finish any one project. I'm going to try and assembly line this stuff to make it seem more cohesive- a method I've never tried. We'll see how it goes. I know my winter queue customers are getting antsy because I had that 3 month period where I basically sat around the couch and made mouth noises instead of working. NOW WITH WARCRAFT GONE D: WOAHhhhh studying and fursuits suddenly flying everywhere.

Realized I've put on weight, which is gross. I miss being 180, so I picked up P90X and am going to make a solid effort to walk half a mile a day and do P90X every day. It's hard to maintain a nice weight when you're sedentary all day sewing animal shapes, but oh well. I miss going to the gym with rusty and having jason as a good influence. I kind of miss everyone in VA, no lie.

Heading to FWA soon, although there's reservations in my mind, but that's not a huge difference from normal.

Adopted a special needs cat from an abusive home, crazy people gave her to me and 2 months lateraka today) came back and wanted to take her back. Well fuck that. Fortuntaely their daughter was much more reasonable than everyone led me to believe she was going to be, and she saw the cat was in a good place so left her here.I'm glad baby has a playmate to keep her occupied. They're really getting along, which is great. ALTHOUGH SOMEONE thought it would be funny to pee on my hoodie(that probably smelled like eleven OTHER cats so I'll let it slide this time). Lookin at you, baby.

Anywys, I'm in a pretty okay place right now, all in all. Things could be much worse, things could be a little better. I'm going to work on making them better and try to keep my nose c